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I realized twenty years ago, that I can have Substance, Sensuality and Style without Compromise
Guess What? You Can Get Rich And Live Trying!
Best Advice: Don't Be A Follower, Be A Leader.
As you grow, know everybody is not a true friend.
You Are Visionary, Always Follow Your Gut! 
Never forget, to stay in your lane, never live in the past, and it's imperative to Stay Focused!
If you are a Mother, always groom your children for greatness, the best gift you can give is Wisdom!
Blessings To You!

  • Only Child. been on her own since 16, left an abusive emotional and negative family behind
  • Survived the streets of NYC of drugs and violence, losing both parents very young
  • Started in the dangerous coalition world of construction at 17  
  • Got sick of being laid off started her first post-construction cleaning company at  age 23
  • Got into the mean world of real estate and contracting rehabbing over 150 properties in Brooklyn
  • Hoodwinked by fiance, that was already married (never knew) and gave birth to first child at 30
  • Channeled pain and disappointments into 7 figure business portfolio without family support 
  • Made a major decision to stand with her Son's decision to become an engineer in high demand 
  • Nina is a Maven of creating a Lifestyle in business development, coaching and blueprint training . 
  • She has been through hell and back, her preference is to live in Grace & Favor
"Remember If You Spend Cash, Make It Count"
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